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Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™, or simply HSN™, is a dietary and sports supplement company dedicated to creating and bringing to market new and innovative nutritional products. These products are designed and formulated specifically for competitive athletes, and serve as a high-end option for the casual health and fitness enthusiast.

Hypertrophy-Specific Training™, or simply HST™, is a method of training designed to quickly and effectively induce whole body muscle growth. It is based on physiological principles of muscular hypertrophy. These principles were first discovered in the laboratory, and then organized into a method of training that would produce predictable and repeatable hypertrophic effects.

HSN/HST are the embodiment of over 20 years experience in the health/fitness industry, combined with the latest in scientific understanding of human physiology and metabolism. Their introduction to the public brings long awaited consumer confidence in product quality and training methodology, and sets a new standard for the industry to follow.

Bryan Haycock, author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method and Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition (HSN), began lifting weights in 1978. Over the last 23 years he has incorporated his passion for bodybuilding into his education as a physiologist and career as a writer and consultant for the sport supplement industry.

In 1998 Bryan was invited to write and work as editor-in-chief for the online magazine Mesomorphosis, founded by Millard Baker. The magazine experienced rapid growth in popularity and set a new standard for scientific accuracy in fitness publications. In July 2000, Mesomorphosis changed its name to ThinkMuscle. With the new name, ThinkMuscle began offering a newsletter that through word of mouth has grown to nearly 25,000 enthusiastic subscribers in only two years. With Bryan in the editorial driver's seat, ThinkMuscle has grown to world-renowned status. In 2001 EAS, the second largest sports supplement company in the industry declared ThinkMuscle as "one of the great destination sites of the industry" and advised readers to be able to recognize the name "Bryan Haycock" as he "produce[s] some of the best information this industry has to offer." Currently, more than 2,000 new subscribers sign up for Bryan's newsletter each month.

In October of 2000, Bryan wrote a short unassuming article describing a method of training that research had indicated would lead to the greatest degree of muscle growth. He called it Hypertrophy-Specific Training. Although he and his clients had been using this method for sometime, he had never shared it publicly. Slowly, after publishing the article in the ThinkMuscle newsletter, people began to apply HST to their own training, and the mail started flooding in.

In late 2001, frustrated with currently available supplements, Bryan recognized the opportunity to better meet the needs of his peers working professionally in the health/fitness industry by creating a line of ultra high quality products that could be used by him and other professionals. Seeing the consumers' growing distrust of supplement companies and their aggressive marketing, he decided to extend the availability of his exclusive line to his readers.

In 2002 this, the Official Hypertrophy-Specific website, was launched to be the industries trusted source for information on diet, training and

Hypertrophy-Specific Training, or simply HST™, is a method of training designed to quickly and effectively induce whole body muscular development. It is based on physiological principles of muscular hypertrophy. These principles were first discovered in the laboratory, and then organized into a method of training that would produce predictable and repeatable hypertrophic effects.

Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™, or simply HSN™, is more than a trusted name in sport supplements. HSN is a forum for education and consumer protection against false claims so common in the supplement industry. By bridging the gap between the science and the consumer, HSN ensures that no one need purchase a dietary supplement without the information necessary to make an educated choice. was established to provide a place where everyone from industry professionals to the casual consumer can freely access accurate information and then discuss it with others in their field or circle of friends. Hypertrophy-Specific acts on the belief that accurate knowledge and its proper application is the key to success in any of life's endeavors‹achieving optimal health and physical performance being no exception.

"I have trained using your Hypertrophy-Specific Training routine with great success. I have also read most of your website and am a subscriber to the Think Muscle Newsletter. After reading what you've written and actually putting into practice what you "preach", I can honestly say that you've made an impression on me in a world (of fitness) where not many can impress. ...I am sure that if you take the same approach to developing supplements as you do with your research and training principles, they will be a great success."

Chris Johnson - President

"I am absolutely freaking. I wanted to wait to the end of the 8 weeks to share results but...well... NO! First, I am really peeved that I didn't take full body measurements before I started (to be honest I really didn't think this was gonna work. Since my LBM has not changed for years) but the one measurement I did check was the arm. It's just under half inch bigger. It wont go down in history but my arms have not budged for at least 2 years.I can tell the rest of my body is following. I have maintained skin folds and weigh 3-4 pounds heavier (fluctuating) more importantly I can see the difference. Much fuller. I'm only half way through the program, and haven't even got to the heavy stuff. Just finished my 10 rep cycle last night and I was no where near my maxs! I still had 3 or 4 reps in me on EVERY lift. I had to do 2 sets just to feel like I was doing something. Other benefits- I cant wait to get back in the gym. I donąt feel like a wreck after training. My cardio fitness has gone through the roof (been keeping rest between sets very low) Nagging joint and muscle pains are gone. In summary, I donąt think I will ever train to failure again! Bryan, you are going to change the Body Building world. Finally we have science to counter the BS! Thank you my man."

   - D. Murray

"I'm 37 and have been doing the standard 15-20 sets per body part (pyramids, forced reps, drop sets, failure failure failure) once every 7 days for about 17 years now. After the first 4 weeks, ALL of my nagging aches and pains had disappeared (biceps tendons, elbows, shoulders, etc.). At the end of the 5 rep phase, I was stronger on all exercises than I have ever been. For example, I had given up on doing behind the neck military press because of aching right shoulder, but started them again at the beginning because it didn't hurt to do them at the 15 rep weights. At the end of the 5 rep phase, I was doing 2 sets of behind the necks for 5 clean reps at 225 (that's more than my shoulders have ever tolerated) WITH NO PAIN! Again, my strength was up on everything. I enjoyed the variety. Changing weights and reps kept the burnout that I had been experiencing before at bay. I, for one, am sold. Peace."

   - J. Andrews

"I have made some unbelievable progress since I started using HST. This is all thanks to Bryan and his amazing grasp of human physiology. I really think that he has downplayed the effectiveness of HST for both size and strength. But I do understand that you can't just come out of the gate making claims like this. People will just think it's another one of those BS programs, as many of us have been burnt before. Once HST takes off like I suspect it will, everyone else will understand what we are learning now. HST is THE way to train if your goals are size (and strength)."

   - S. McDermott


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