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Pre/Post Exercise Nutrition

Maximize the Training Effect

Protein Myths
Uncovering the Truth About Your Protein

Long Term Creatine Use
Is it safe?

Eating For Size
From the Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition Series

Creatine: Critical Step
Creatine enhances critical step in muscle hypertrophy

Cycling Creatine Revisited
No effect on creatine transporter mRNA or protein content

Make Your Protein Drink More Anabolic
Your post-exercise protein drink: Is it delivering?

Pre/Post Exercise Protein
Acute response of net muscle protein

Creatine Builds Muscle
An independent study

Blaming Creatine for Injuries
Creatine's effect on Musculotendinous stiffness and performance.

Ribose Fails to Perform
Effects of Ribose on Sprint Performance in Men.

Testosterone / IGF-1
Increase test-receptors and IGF-1 inside muscle cells!


Hypertrophy-Specific Training

Official HST Method

Training Frequency Plan
Timing is everything

Strategic Deconditioning
Priming the Muscle for Growth

Creating Peak Performance
Performance On Demand

Muscle Growth Without Working Out!
Bodybuilding Without Power Training.

Tweaking HST
Why do people tweak and change HST?

Is HST Actually Different From Other Programs?
Comparing traditional weight training and HST

Bodybuilding Evolution
It's a good time to be bodybuilding

How soon can I train again?
Old ideas about training frequency need to be re-examined

Hypertrophy-Specific Review: GVT
Is German Volume Training “Hypertrophy-Specific”?

Training Research
Some modern training research prevents progress

HS: Street Team
The street team is forming!


Q & A

From the HST Forum

Reader Q & A
Summarizing some of the principles of HST





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